Project title : Charity Fair (Virtual Fair) for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Experience the same interactivity as in a physical fair from the comfort of your desk. 

A Virtual Fair is a 3D environment that provides cutting edge technology through a range of interactive tools. Real time communication, networking, live streaming and social network integration enable real interaction, virtually.

1) The added value of a Virtual Fair ranges between 20 and 30%. This is the percentage of visitors that leave their information in order to be contacted at a later date, which far exceeds the equivalent in an actual fair where registration is not compulsory. 

2) The investment in publicity is 80% less than in a real fair since it is developed through the internet and therefore simultaneously creates publicity. This, coupled with various viral promotion options offered by the internet, or web 2.0 environments (Blogs, Facebook, Twitter…) make it possible to reach a wider audience at a much lower price. 

3) The cost for exhibitors is approximately a third of what they would pay at a real fair as incurred costs are much lower; no travelling is required, nor are there printing expenses or poorly spent working hours… 

4) The average visiting time per user is 11 minutes in which they can visit around 14 stands. Virtual Fairs allow visitors to meet exhibitors that they would not usually have the opportunity to interact with.