Our mission

SERENDIPITY o.s. is a non-profit organization with the following mission:

* improve the acquisition of information technology for non-profit organizations in the Czech Republic and even outside the country

* improve the conditions for carrying out IT functions in non-profit organizations

* support the enhanced usage of technical and programming tools which are available and can benefit the users


The main activities of the organization:

* interact with lawmakers and state authorities of the Czech Republic and European Union to create favourable conditions which support better use of information and communication technologies in the non-profit sector within and outside the Czech Republic

* bring together IT representatives from non-profit organizations and their partners

* obtain and share IT information from the non-profit sector and take advantage of the experience of its members in the field of IT

* on the basis of individual member requests, secure and arrange for their training and education in IT

* coordinate the exchange of IT experience/"know how" between local non-profit organizations and further cooperation with international organizations

* promote the importance of IT for the administration and activities of non-profit organizations

* protect the professional interests of the members - through individual member claims when they benefit the whole

* organize in whole or take part in the organization of conferences, conventions, seminars and working meetings

* organize contests with the goal of publicizing IT projects with the most benefit for non-profit organizations

* tutoring in IT, languages and polytechnical subjects.