Only for Non-Governmental Organizations

We believe that non-governmental organizations represent a key factor in the development of a strong civic society and that they play a vital role in the transformation processes in many states in the world. Therefore, they should be provided with more opportunities and support in communicating with the public, sharing experiences with each other, establishing new partnerships and further education and growth.

The real NGO fairs offer non-profit organizations the occasion to present their activities to the public and become acquainted with the activities of other organizations. Furthermore, it provides an environment for establishing new contacts with professionals and representatives of companies and arrange future cooperation. The fairs also provide an opportunity for NGO representatives to gain new knowledge and skills, identify new trends and gain inspiration for future work.


Supporting NGO - Corporate Partnership


      Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an increasingly important priority for businesses, not only because they play an important role in their communities, and are expected to do so, but because CSR is about achieving  sustainability with a healthy environment, market and community.

This is why we want to promote dialogue between companies and other stakeholders representing their community. We believe that all companies, big or small, can benefit from strategic CSR activities while being a responsible member of their community. NGOs can help companies in many of these activities.


Effective social partnerships offer practical benefits on several 

different levels:

  1. Partner organizations help you identify community needs and clearly communicate the benefits of your actions to the community, they work with you to align your business in supporting community priorities such as combating youth unemployment or corruption.

  2. Harness the expertise of an NGO partner to target internal priorities ranging from diversity, customer service, to developing your environmental strategy. Experienced NGOs can help you develop the best solutions and build your institutional capacity.

  3. The right partner can help you understand your market and customers better.

  4. Increase the loyalty of your employees – they will appreciate the fact that they work for an organization that is making a positive contribution to their community.

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